VS4BD030KB B6VMAX30KB SEER 14 EER 12.2 30000 BTU Heat Pump Air Conditioner System

Item#: VS4BD030KB B6VMAX30KB

Brand: Airtemp

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Product Details

Efficient, affordable home cooling

You can count on years of dependable energy efficiency when you choose an home comfort system air conditioner. Designed with reliable performance in mind, split system outdoor units are engineered with a full feature set in an attractive, low profile design that complements every home.

Quality, reliability and value


• R-410A Refrigerant: Earth friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerant.
• Composite Base Pan: Absorbs sound and is corrosion All aluminum coils in 1.5 thru 4
resistant. Composite is also stronger and lighter than steel.
• Micro-Channel Coils: ton models which provides high corrosion resistance.
• Permanently Lubricated Motor: A heavy duty PSC motor for long lasting reliability and quiet operation. Requires no maintenance and is completely protected from rain
and snow.
• Durable,Attractive Cabinet: Designed using galvanized  steel with a polyester urethane finish. The 950 hour salt  spray finish is 1.5 mil thick and resists corrosion 50%
better than comparable units.
• Removable Top Grille Assembly :Allow sease of service from the top without disconnecting fan motor leads.
• High Pressure Switch: Protects against abnormally high system pressures. Auto-reset feature prevents nuisance service visits.
• Liquid Line Filter Drier: Included with unit, field installed.
• Designed for maximum airflow and quiet operation.
• Easy Compressor and Control Access: Designed to make servicing easier for the ontractor, access panels are provided to all controls and the compressor from the side of the unit.
• Complete Metal Wrapper: Protects the unit's coil from being damaged.

Standard efficiency VS4BD model:

  • Meets Department of Energy 13 SEER efficiency standards
  • Efficiency performance can improve up to 14 SEER with a matched energy-efficient air handler or furnace with coil.

Complete your split system.

The energy efficiency of a split system is rated and certified by matching the outdoor and indoor sections. The indoor section is typically a furnace and indoor coil, or an air handler, which contains a blower and a coil. If you replace an older air conditioner or heat pump outdoor unit, it is important to also change out your indoor section so the system will perform at the rated efficiency. This also assures system long-lasting reliability. Your contractor can determine the most appropriate matching system for your home and needs.

Quality, reliability and value…

Air handlers.

An air handler completes your indoor comfort system when matched with an air conditioner or heat pump outdoor unit. Our line of air handlers includes innovative features such as Micro-Channel coil technology to resist corrosion and up to a full inch of insulation for quiet operation. Ask your contractor which  air handler is best for your home.


• Energy Efficient Variable Speed ECM Motor: Advanced technology provides 16 field-selectable cooling airflows and automatically sets heating airflows based on the amount of installed heat.
• Quiet Blower Operation:Extra quiet and smooth blower on and off cycles.
• Constant airflow: Motor automatically adjusts to different static loads.
• Reduced air stratification: This results in improved air quality by optimizing humidity removal and filtration capabilities.
• Multi-poised:Canbeusedinhorizontal,upflow,downflow and vertical applications.
• Built in Filter Rack:makes theairhandlereasy toservice.
• Plug-in Heater Kit: Available in 5 kw through 30 kw (Not for use in 115 Volt units)
• Circuit Board: Incorporating blower time delay relay, low voltage terminal strip, and heat-strip sequencing.
• Breaker Accessibility:Breaker accessible from thefront of the unit when heater is applied.
• Plastic Drain Pan: Provides corrosion resistance.
• Durable Cabinet: Galvanized steel with a polyurethane finish. The finish will endure 950 hours of salt spray and resist corrosion 50% better than comparable units.
• Designed to meet the requirements 610.2.A.2: Meets Florida building code requirements for air leakage.
• Thermal Expansion Valve: Factory installed externally equalized thermal expansion valve provides precise refrigerant control under varying load conditions.
• Cabinet Insulation: 1" insulation with an R-value of 4.2 contributes to quiet operation and prevents cabinet sweating in difficult applications.
• AnteaterTM Coil Technology: Copper alloy with zinc additives to stop formicary corrosion.