KSIO012H123 Klimaire 12000 Btu 23 SEER DC Inverter Ductless Mini Split Heat And Cool System

Item#: KSIO012H123

Brand: Klimaire

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Product Details

Klimaire KSIO high efficiency heat pump units are designed with the needs of the end user in mind, no matter what is their specific cooling and heating needs they provide a reliable and efficient solution, for when you have a room that needs additional cooling in summer and heating in the winter, or a room addition no connected to the main ductwork, or for a computer room that generates excessive heat. With Klimaire these rooms can be comfortable during any season without any complicated installation.

Easy to install Klimaire KSIO ductless mini split systems are well known for its design flexibility, as well as efficiency and economy using just two components, an outdoor unit and an elegant and stylish indoor fan coil.

Our KSIO mini split heat pump units are the solution of choice for applications in which it is not feasible to use ductwork or when money-wise it is advisable, and with its advanced 180 Degree Sine Wave DC inverter driven technology, brushless DC motor, twin cam compressor and simple, yet integral design, delivers a reliable system that will bring money saving efficiency for years on end. Besides, you can rest assure that climate control is virtually in your hands with its easy to understand, digital LCD remote control.


  • Auto re-start - After a power cut the unit will restart automatically with the previous function setting when the power returns.
  • Turbo - The air conditioner will maximize the output of cooling or heating operation, make the room cool down or heat up rapidly, and attain the desired temperature in the shortest time.
  • Sleep - Enables the air conditioner to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1.8 ºF / hour for the first two hours, then keep it steady for the next 5 hours, after that will turn off. This function maintains both energy savings and comfort in night operation.
  • Follow me – When activated, the remote control built-in room temperature sensor replaces the one in the fan coil unit, so the air conditioner will regulate the temperature based on the temperature around the remote control, just like if the conditioned air were following you.
  • Louver position memory – The end-user can adjust the preferred louver angle, so that when the unit restarts the horizontal louver will automatically move to the position set last time. It is very convenient because won’t need to select every time a louver angle.
  • Refrigerant leakage detection – When the outdoor unit detects a refrigerant leakage condition the indoor unit will sound an alarm. This new technology offers better protection to the compressor.
  • Mono & multi compatible – Indoor unit can work both, with single zone systems or with multi zone systems.
  • 2 Ways draining (18k & 24k) – The condensate can be drain hose ca be directed either to the left or to the right side of the fan coil depending on the requirements of the installation.
  • Compressor heating belt – The compressor of these heat pump models is fitted with a heating belt for operation during winter season to make sure it is well lubricated and in working conditions at all time.
  • Low ambient cooling – In winter, there are certain rooms that require cooling instead of heating, such as computer rooms, or power stations. With this function the outdoor fan speed can be changed according to the condenser temperature, so the AC will run smoothly at temperature as low as 5º F.
  • 12 grades ID fan speed (9k, 12k & 18k) – This feature ensures more accurate control (energy saving) and supplies a more comfortable air flow.