Aircon ABSEM4H4S24 ABSCI4H4S24 Ductless Split System 24000 Btu SEER 20.5 Blue Series II

Item#: ABSEM4H4S24 ABSCI4H4S24

Brand: Aircon

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Product Details

    Cooling Capacity  Btu/h 18000 24000
    Heating Capacity  Btu/h 19000 24500
    Cooling Capacity Range Btu/h 6500-19500 8000-26500
    Heating Capacity Range Btu/h 6500-20000 8000-26500
    Rated Input-Cooling W 1385 2035
    Rated Input-Heating W 1595 2080
    SEER Cooling 23.3 20.5
    HSPF Heatling 11.6 11.8
    EER for Cooling Btu/W 13.00 11.73
    COP for Heating  Btu/W 11.90 11.78
    E-STAR__V5.0 ASHP: SEER>15, EER>12.5, HSPF>8.5
CAC: SEER>15, EER>12.5
Yes No
    Most Efficient 2016 ASHP: SEER>20, EER>12.5, HSPF>10
CAC: SEER>20, EER>12.5
Yes No
    CEE Qualifying Tier Tier0 - 14.5SEER, 12EER, (8.5HSPF)
Tier1 - 15SEER, 12.5EER, (8.5HSPF)
Tier2 - 16SEER, 13EER, (9HSPF)
Tier3 - 18SEER,13EER, (10HSPF)
Tier3 No
    Moisture Removal  L/H.r 1.5 2.4
    Air Circulation  m3/h 1100 1200
    Refrigerant   R410A R410A
    Refrigerant charge volume g 1550 1880
    Indoor Sound Pressure(H/M/L/silence) dB (A) 45/41/37/34 48/45/40/36
    Outdoor Sound pressure  dB (A) 55 58
    Voltage, Frequency, Phase V 230V~,208V~,60Hz,1P
    Rated Current Cooling (A) 6.3 9.2
Heating (A) 7.2 9.3
    Current Range Cooling (A) 1.5-12 1.8-13
Heating (A) 1.5-12 1.8-13
    Compressor type Rotary Rotary
    Compressor MFG GMCC GMCC
    Expansion Device capillary capillary
    Compressor model # ATM150D43UFZ ATF235D22UMT
Indoor DC motor   Yes Yes
Indoor motor MFG   Weiling Weiling
Indoor motor model #   K1B310497 K1B310497
Indoor motor power ioutput W 35 35
Indoor motor speed H/M/L 1100/960/800 1200/1040/880
Outdoor DC motor   Yes Yes
Outdoor motor MFG   Broad-ocean Broad-ocean
Outdoor motor model #   DG13Z2D-04 DG13Z2-21 
Outdoor motor power input W 60 61
Outdoor motor speed H/M/L 840/650/500 1200/550/500
Evaporator material Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Number of rows   2 2
Tube outside dia.and type  mm ?7,innergroove tube ?7,innergroove tube
Evaporator  length x height x width   mm 842x378x27.2 842x336x272
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 21x13.6 21x13.6
Fin spacing                 mm 1.4 1.4
Condenser material Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Number of rows   2 2
Tube outside dia.and type  mm ?7,innergroove tube ?7,innergroove tube
Condensor   length x height x width   mm 895×630×18.2
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b)   mm 21x18.19 21x18.19
Fin spacing                 mm 1.6 1.5
Connecting Pipe Diameter    
Liquid Pipe inch 1/4 3/8
Gas Pipe  inch 1/2 5/8
    Net Dimensions
    WxHxD (mm)
Indoor Unit mm 1100×325×244 1100×325×244
Indoor Unit in 43 5/16x12 13/16x9 5/8 43 5/16x12 13/16x9 5/8
Outdoor Unit mm 860x650x310 885×795×366
Outdoor Unit in 33 7/8x25 9/16x12 3/16  34 7/8x31 5/16x14 3/8
    Net Weight 
Indoor Unit 14.5 14.5
Outdoor Unit 45 56
    Packing Dimensions
    WxHxD (mm)(With pipe)
Indoor Unit mm 1170×390×315 1170×390×315
Indoor Unit in 46 1/16x15 3/8x12 7/16 46 1/16x15 3/8x12 7/16
Outdoor Unit mm 995x730x445 1050×890×500
Outdoor Unit in 39 3/16x28 3/4x17 1/2 41 11/32x35x19 11/16
    Gross Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 17.0 17.0
Outdoor Unit 49 64
    Loading Capacity NO pipe(40'HC ) 150 115
Test Standard ARI 210-240 ARI 210-240
LED Display on Front Panel Yes Yes
LED Dimmer Yes Yes
7 Indoor Fan Speed Yes Yes
LCD Wireless Remote Controller Yes Yes
"I feel" in remote controller Yes Yes
Back lighting remote controller Yes Yes
-20°C (-4°F) Heating Yes Yes
-15°C (5°F) Cooling Yes Yes
Working Temperature Range - Cooling (°C/°F) -15?-46?;
Working Temperature Range - Heating (°C/°F) -20?-24?;
Remote Control Adjustable Temperature Range - Cooling 16?-30?;
Remote Control Adjustable Temperature Range - Heating 16?-30?;
8°C (46°F) Heating to avoid freezing water pipe in Kitchen Yes Yes
°C & °F convertible  Yes Yes
2 Ways Draining Connection (Left or Right) Yes Yes
Compressor Intelligent Pre-heating Yes Yes
Smart Function Yes Yes
Super Function Yes Yes
Auto Restart Yes Yes
Auto Defrost Yes Yes
Auto Cleaning Yes Yes
Quiet Mode Yes Yes
24 Hours Timer Yes Yes
Removable and washable Panel Yes Yes
Louver Postion Memory Yes Yes
Washable High Definition Filter Yes Yes
Horizontal Auto Swing Louver Yes Yes
Chassis Electric heater function Yes Yes
Vertical Auto Swing Louver Yes Yes
Healthy Filter(catechins,VC,HEPA,jasmine aroma filter) Optional Optional
Wired control Optional Optional